belonging related texts

Unfortunately, choosing a related text is not as easy as picking your favourite movie and somehow drawing abstract links to belonging. The aim of this post is to demonstrate the importance of picking solid related texts, and suggesting a large range of texts you could easily read/watch/listen to and use as related texts for the area of study.

Section three of paper one is the only time you will ever have to use your related texts. A quick re-cap, this section requires you to compose an extended response (essay) that discusses different ideas, perceptions, assumptions, consequences and/or indicators of belonging and how the texts you have studied have broadened your knowledge about belonging. Integrated responses, i.e, where each paragraph discusses ideas about belonging and how they are represented in each of your texts, are preferable to linear responses, where each paragraph just talks about one text and how that texts represents belonging. This means that it is important to choose texts that have solid links to your prescribed texts.

Do’s and Dont’s for Choosing Related Texts:


-Do NOT choose a text that is the same text type as your prescribed text (e.g. if you are studying As You Like It, do NOT choose another play)

-Do NOT choose another text that appears anywhere on the list of prescribed texts for HSC standard and advanced English. Markers do not look favourably on this because it shows a lack of initiative in finding texts on your part. The full list of texts can be found here.

-Do NOT choose something so simplistic that it doesn’t allow you to analyse the concept of belonging in depth. This means steer clear of song lyrics where possible, and only use picture books that communicate ideas about belonging in a sophisticated way

-Do NOT use a text that you haven’t actually read/watched. It is fine to use obscure texts that your marker may not have heard of, but if you are going to construct a believable response you must use a text you know in depth as opposed to a text you have a few quotes and techniques from


-Do use a text that communicates at least a few ideas about belonging that are similar to those represented in your prescribed text. This will make integrating your responses easier

-Do use a text that also may have contrasting ideas about belonging or represent the same idea in different ways. This will allow for meaningful discussion about the different aspects of belonging and the varying ways they are represented

-Do use a text that is allows you to analyse contrasting techniques to your prescribed text-e.g. if you are studying poetry for your prescribed text, use a film for your related so you can also show off your knowledge of visual techniques and how they communicate ideas about belonging.

-Do go searching for good texts that may be a little out of the ordinary. A foreign film, an anthology of lesser-known poetry or a play are all good examples of texts that could communicate very interesting and different ideas about the concept of belonging you can discuss in your essay.