An ode to the students of 2017.

This poem is dedicated to all the students and family members who welcomed me into their lives and hearts. My world is warmer thanks to you, the polarity of our icy caps no longer distinct, I’m glad to call you friends too.



We’re free, free at last!

Sang the children of 2017

The great twelve years of oppression

Finally going into recession

They tossed off their shackles and books

Put their school uniforms on hooks

And made their way

Away from Shackleton bay

The cold snap of discovery was over

No more new worlds to uncover!


Shakespeare was finally dead

Eliot too

But Pi, otherwise known as you

Would still be floating in the zoo

Back from the cosmic soup

Ready to step into a Brave New World

Princes, Tempests and kings

Would be no match for you


With iPad in hand

You know things will be grand

All the pieces of the puzzle

Available to further befuddle

Do not fret,

Life asks nothing of you yet

Just fasten your seatbelt

And hang on for one hell of a ride!


Worry not of Ms Shelley

She’s as old as the telley

Just spread your light so all the world can be

A little less Frosty, if a little Gray

But do it anyway

Let the wisdom of the poets illuminate your way


And with this I say

Good night, and good day

Another fay ready to fade

Into a jade green glen


Remember your lessons

Best of luck in all your future processions

A thousand and one blessings

For your family in all their expressions