What is discovery? This question really does not need to be very perplexing. It is a word. It is about finding things. That is as complicated as it needs to be. Here is a complete breakdown of the Area of Study Discovery concept. If you are unsure about any term search for definitions. Do not stop at just one, get a few and compare what they mean. The archaic versions are always helpful too as they will show you how the word has evolved over time.  This is the root of understanding anything. To make your life a little bit easier, I have created a table of the words that are used in the Area of Study Discovery. Print this table out for whenever you ask the question “what is discovery”. A quick look will help you build up understanding about the words that are associated with the concept.  The table can sit next to you while you are constructing an essay or creative writing piece and will assist you in relating your ideas back to the module.

When approaching your discovery essays and creative writing pieces make sure to use at least a few of these terms and synonyms that are related to them in order to ensure that you are linking your work to the rubrics.  Consider the meaning of each word or phrase in this table. You have to understand what every single box means and have an idea about how each point relates to the notion of discovery as an overarching term in order to effectively approach this topic.

Discovery for the first time Rediscovering something lost Rediscovering something that was concealed Deliberate planning
 Careful planning  Sudden  Unexpected  Curiosity
 Necessity  Wonder  Fresh  Meaningful
 Emotional  Creative  Intellectual  Physical
 Spiritual  Confronting  Provocative  New worlds
 New Values  Stimulate new ideas  Speculate about future possibilities  New understanding
 Renewed perceptions  Personal context and values  Cultural context and values  Social context and values
 Transformative  Individual  Society  Affirm beliefs and assumptions
 Challenge beliefs and assumptions  People  Relationships  Places



BOSTES: http://www.boardofstudies.nsw.edu.au/syllabus_hsc/pdf_doc/english-prescriptions-2015-20.pdf